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#Momfails don’t define me

In social media we sometimes try and depict a seemingly perfect life when in actuality we are struggling with health, financial, marital, or other issues.

Well not me, I’ll be real and honest here because life is NOT perfect, our spouses are not perfect, and we are not perfect.

So with this picture here, we are at the end of my bonus daughter’s soccer game, smiling victoriously from her first win for the season.

But prior to this picture is where it all started… and it started with having quite a #momfail this weekend when we were trying to find our way to my bonus daughter’s soccer game. (Side note: this was the sport we were not made aware of until a few days prior to her first game and without consideration of working with us since the games fell on our weekends; #blendedfamilystruggles)

Now I had put down the address as NE instead of SE on MapQuest and after we got to the location we all realized it was NOT a soccer field. (It was actually someone’s home 😅)

After finally writing down the right address in MapQuest (I double checked like 5 times, no joke) we were on our way. We all had a good laugh about it however I felt disappointed in what I’ve done. In fact, guilty. While my short term memory loss from the car accident did create the mistake I still felt bad for adding an extra 30 min drive time.

We did get to the soccer field on time with even 15 minutes to practice before the game, however the feeling of guilt was still there. I thought about how I should’ve planned this a lot better knowing the condition I’m in… thought about how it’ll reflect on us as the parents knowing certain comments had already been spread against us by my bonus kid’s other family.

Until I realized that all my feelings of guilt were created by me; me thinking that I could somehow prove to our girl’s friend’s parents that we are the loving parents that our kids know us to be despite all the negative comments spread about us. And just like that I also recollected what I’ve shared in my previous blog; that the perception of others will NOT change who I am when I KNOW who I am. (Funny how some of the inspirational things we write have a way of coming back to remind us)

So I encourage ya’ll to let go of all the past guilt trip comments or the negative remarks that someone has said to you or spread about you that creates that uneasiness when you make a mistake. Remember, we are all fallible humans, we will all make mistakes, but it’s what we do next with our mistakes is what counts.

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