Picky much?

Picky much?

If you’re like me you have three kids who all like to eat different things. One will eat shrimp, one will eat cucumbers, while the other will eat rice. Pretty random, huh?

While our kids were growing up we tried to feed them with a variety of foods so they would be less picky… and it didn’t fully work. Our eldest is just like his dad who eats almost everything but when it comes to our girls they sure are picky! From disliking tomatoes to pears to something delicious as pie they do beat all picky eaters out there.

I won’t pretend or blog about how much our kids love all of my cooking even when adults themselves will barely eat that kind of food, because that’s not #reallife. For kids will share how they truly feel about it… believe me! 😉

So for the sake of argument and even additional hassle we will continue feeding our kid nutritious meals that they all like. And so far all of them LOVE chicken. With chicken it is so simple to add a bit of fruit and veggies on the side with a bit of rice.

Parents there are more things to concern ourselves with than the hassle of our lunches and dinners. So happy easy eating for you and your families!

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