Daddy Daughter Dances

My girls just had their daddy daughter dance and had the best night of their lives!

For those of you who don’t know my hubs, he is one who has been so involved in all our kid’s lives… And the irony in that is sometimes the more involved he is, the more it would seem he’s pushed out…

The first time my hubs and I learned of such an event called the Daddy Daughter Dance (DDD) was from a friend of ours who saw a post. It was a post of my bonus daughter’s pose before her first DDD ever and it was not with her dad. It was with her new step-dad.

Now we’ve learned over time to stop listening to what is posted or blogged about us that can affect us but this specific post hurt my hubs heart. And of course my heart hurt to see him so hurt. He never got an email asking if he could do this event with his daughter. And I know with a million percent certainty that my hubs would have attended this event.

So my first thoughts on this was; was this done on purpose? Was this an attempt of parental replacement? Honestly I will never know the thoughts behind it and it’s unwise to dwell on it. While it did hurt my hubs heart and my bonus daughter felt that her first DDD event with her daddy was taken from her however my hubs is not one to see the glass half empty..

After learning there was an event such as this, my hubs made sure to sign up for it every year. No joke! My hubs has done three DDD events in two years. Two of the dances were with each of the girls individually, which was last year, while this year our daughters wanted to share the dance together with their dad.

These dances are not always cheap; depending on what location or with who you choose to do the dance through; so do your research before signing up. Each dance our girls have gone to had similar things to do such as of course dancing, a main dinner course, games, and my fav.. pictures.

Each time the DDD has a theme and it’s so adorable to see how much my hubs gets into them by dressing up for the occasion! (It’s a little pricey so budget wisely.) One of the cities even used his picture to advertise for the next years dance. ☺️

These events are so special to our girls and if you haven’t gone yet or haven’t heard about it yet I highly recommend it!

If you are part of a blended family I highly encourage your kids to be taken by their biological parent first unless of course they are unable to. And with that said I will be offering my bonus son’s mom the first opportunity to take her son to the “Mother and Son Night Out” event that’s coming up cuz he’s never gone and been begging nonstop to go… and yes he’s already told me that our individual hangouts are SO different than this event 😅.. so here’s more to navigating through life in blended family living. 👨🏾‍🦲👱🏽‍♀️👦🏽👧🏼👧🏽

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