Perception of Others

“The perception of others will not change who I am.” ~Dashinka

With all the different stories being told who can really know what’s true?

It’s human nature to want to prove to others of who you are when untruths are being said about you, to try and open their eyes to the actual truth, to clarify who you truly are; however, I have learned over time that to try and attempt to change someone’s perception of me will only leave me heartbroken, disappointed, and even mentally and emotionally drained.

Some people will not like me, for their own reasons, or wish to believe the obvious lies; and that’s ok because I know who I am, my family knows who I am, but most importantly God knows who I am.

So I am going to continue striving to be the best I can be and staying true to myself.

And this is who I am:

•I am a Christian. I am imperfect but perfectly covered by grace.

•I am a wife to a hubby who perseveres through life hardships thrown his way while advocating for equality.

•I am a mama who will protect my girl to the utmost and continue sharing life experiences to have her grow up confident.

•I am a bonus-mama who will always advocate for my bonus-kids rights and continue loving them.

•I am a truth seeker in which my biggest life rule for myself and family is to always tell the truth for I know the truth will set you free. Also truth has a way of coming out.

•I am a parent who finds life lessons in everything that we do so my kids grow up smart and self-sufficient.

•I am a full-time worker for the State and ridiculously grateful for it as it provides the best health coverage for my family, ever.

•I am very analytical and can be seen as a negative thing since I sometimes over-analyze… but this ability has also helped me with the job I am in today.

•I am a fixer of all things because I cannot fall asleep if I know there are issues within my control that haven’t been resolved yet.

•I am a worrier of things when I see words and actions damage my kids, but learning how to still be able to live my life since at times it can be out of my control.

•I am direct in my approaches with everyone. I don’t play games and I say it as it is.

•I am very expressionable. (And yes I just made up that word 😉) I don’t hide my feelings. I smile and hug often.

•I am a digger of expressing feelings with my family for I know suppressing feelings only causes emotional damage.

•I am a survivor of a near-death experience when I almost died delivering my daughter.

•I am a gamer; I love to play video games such as Final Fantasy, Animal Crossing, and Harvest Moon.. if only I had the time tho.

•I am a gardener of my plant babies; especially my sweet peas.

•I am a crafter of scrapbooks, Photobooks, and things alike.

•I am a neat freak even though my house doesn’t look like it right now.

•I am a homebody. Love staying home and relaxing. Most see me out and about doing many events with family and that’s because I don’t want my kids missing out on life.

•I am a lover of love movies; give me Anne of Green Gables or Pride and Prejudice anyday and I will watch it a million times over.

There is so much more of who I am but I am thankful for how beautifully and wonderfully the Lord made me.

I encourage you all to be open to growth but not changing the core of what makes you YOU.

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