To keep or not to keep

With spring and summer season coming to an end and the need for sweater wear is upon us the typical exchange for warm clothes begins.

Now before the Netflix show #tidyingup glamorized cleaning, the individuals who loved to clean and kept everything clean were basically known as neat freaks. Myself included 🤪. And I’m totally okay with that because I find myself being able to relax after knowing my whole house is clean and organized. It’s always that way… kidding! Yea right! With having my bonus kids 1/3 of the year, with sports events planned out to next year, to both of us parents working full time who really has the time?!

So I’ve decided to take things one step at a time. Instead of fall cleaning the whole entire house I’m taking baby steps instead.

My first task and what I’ll be blogging about is going through the clothes… and I’m not sure about you but I seem to always find an excuse to keep a cute shirt around that I haven’t worn for years telling myself “I could see myself wearing this next season” or “if I lose/gain weight these would look great on me”.

It doesn’t work!!! I never end up wearing it.. or if I do it’s literally one time because I feel guilty for buying an outfit I don’t wear… so I wear it just to let the clothing serve it’s purpose.

But it’s time to let it go.

So the baby steps I was talking about? Let’s start.

1. Choose a clothing category you wish to go through; I.e. shirts, shorts, dresses, etc.

2. Pull all of the specific clothing category out of the closet. Make a mess on the floor for once, sometimes it can be therapeutic too. 😜

3. At this time this is where you start folding the clothes that you wear often. The ones that you NEED to keep.

4. Now put the maybes, the sometimes I wear them, the clothing that matches only one other item, the clothes that you’ll wear someday in a separate pile.

5. Put the needed clothing away. (Sometimes putting them away helps you realize you already have enough of the specific clothing to get rid of the others.)

6. Now the separate pile of maybe clothes is one to focus on now and this is where you need to be honest with yourself and ask; will you really wear it? WRONG. That is the wrong question to ask. I bet you will find every reason to answer that question as a yes. So the question to ask is, “did you wear it this past summer? Or last year?” If the answer is no, simply put away that piece of clothing so the urge to keep it won’t overtake you.

7. And now your done and your closet has more room to breathe.

(You can also do the same thing above with shoes and coats)

Now that you’re done doesn’t it give you a good sigh of relief? To be rid of the clothes you don’t really wear, to be free of the guilt of not wearing the clothes you purchased but you’ve left hanging in your closet for that one special occasion that never happens. Well I feel more free and come to think of it I think I can downsize just a little bit more and live in one of those tiny homes! Maybe, we’ll see.

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