Miracles in the 2020 New Year

What started off as a perfect day to end the winter break turned into a scary time for us ultimately leading to a miracle!

We were heading out to the snowy mountains late morning ready to go sledding and have some snow fun. All snow gear was purchased and all were dressed, along with lunch eaten before our adventure began.

Snowball fights commenced as we got out of the car. Before long we were sledding, making snowmen, and enjoying some family time.

It was close to the time I was hoping to leave the mountains before traffic would hit so I headed back to the car to drop off some items… only to have my car not open… the car was still locked! Only then did I realize the keys I had thought I put away in a safe pocket had actually fallen out.. fallen out somewhere amongst the hundreds of other sledders with their family’s more than likely buried now deep inside the snow.

Panic started slowly sinking in.. I quickly called my dad who was an hour away to see if he could bring my spare car keys to the mountains. And even though he was currently working he agreed to head home, grab my keys, and come save us. I let hubs know what happened and he instantly started searching for the keys. The kids picked up on it before long especially when they realized they couldn’t go back in our car..

So without willing to wait even longer I called my brother to see if he could find my spare keys and come out to us hoping he was closer to my home than my dad… and he was! He was moments away from leaving home and quickly turned back around, found my spare keys, and started his drive to the mountains to come save us.

In the midst of waiting, our kiddos were starting to get cold as they had ceased their sledding time and started waiting around. Without them wanting to head back out for some more sledding I shooed them inside a small shed, near where the port-a-potties were. While it was weird and a bit gross to be near them however the wind and snow didn’t get to them which was the whole point.

With our kiddos getting colder and my brother being 45 minutes away, my hubs decided to go find someone who was willing to either allow our kids to warm up in their car or drive our kids with one of us parents down a mile to the lodge to warm up. During this time prayers were sent up to heaven like no other and I got to witness my own daught’s faith come to life where she held onto her sister praying for a miracle.

Seconds later miraculously my hubs found a couple with friends who had just driven up to the mountains and their cars were still warm. Also their vehicles were right next to ours. (Now this was only one of the miracles.)

As our kiddos started warming up in the next cars our eldest decided to try and open up our car door. And shockingly it opened! Mind you I had been out there many times to see if it would open or if someone miraculously dropped off the keys. While I got in the car to get a little warmed up my hubs did try to see if the car would start. It would not; with it saying the key fab was not here.

It was only a few minutes from the time our kiddos started warming up to when I got into my car that a couple came up to my hubs and told him they.. found.. our.. car.. keys!!! Now this was truly a miracle!!! The fact that my car keys were found in the snow during a very snowy day is amazing!!!

I thanked God right away and then called my brother to tell him of the good news so he would not have to come out to us.

After it’s all said and done our kiddos may not wish to head to the mountains anytime soon, which is totally understandable, and the plans of where to place the keys have been replayed and played again in my thoughts for all my future years to come, with thoughts of how things could’ve gone more differently resonated in my mind, but at least our kids got to witness a miracle.

While it was a scary time for us I am so thankful to God for the wonderful miracles He gave us. His miracles came to us at the best time possible.

It’s so amazing to know that through my mistake of losing the keys, the mistakes we made as parents, that even through the bleakest of moments, God still met us and got us through it.

And what a wonderful way to start the New Year; with miracles! ✨

2 responses to “Miracles in the 2020 New Year”

  1. So glad you guys found the keys! Also, if the keys had not been found it’s a good thing you had someone to call for your spares. 🙂 Very sweet story, thank you for your share.


    1. Thank you! And yes it was truly a blessing that everything worked out so well! 😊


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