Worth the Trade-In

Becoming a mama has transformed so much of my life.

As I sit here reminiscing of earlier days, my pre-mama days, I have realized of how many things that I’ve happily traded in for just for being a mama such as;

~Working towards becoming America’s Next Top Model; totally became a thing in the past when I’ve got my hands full with 3 tweenagers in my home.

My pre-mama modeling days.

~Working my accounting business from home; if only! With our kids having a significant amount of doctor visits per year, the insurance coverage is def needed by my work.

~I am never alone; even when my bonus kid’s are with us 1/3 of the year and go back to their other home I still got my daughts with me and hubs full time.

At Cinco De Mayo with our girl.

~I am loving sleep now; there is no staying up till midnight reading or playing a video game because sleep is my friend and if I do I def regret it the next day.

~Friend hangouts have become a thing in the past; when we’ve got 3 kids in 3 different sports, activities, events I can’t seem to find the time.

My BFF; finally getting to hang out with her after going close to 4 years of not seeing her.
Harvest Festival activities

~Having no quiet time; what is even that? when your kids try to talk to you even when your using the bathroom. And yes all of them do it.. ALL the time.

~The free time is so rare; with most days filled with our kids sports, activities, transitional weekends, and work; that free time is such a delicacy.

Supporting our eldest @ his first wrestling meet.

~My own clothes; I don’t have that now since my tween girl keeps “borrowing” all my clothes and shoes. 😅

She’s growing so fast that within a couple months she now fits into most of my clothes.

~Thinking of meself; is a thing in the past. I only want the best for my kids even giving up the best room (my room w/ hubs) for our girls to have a bigger room.

Mine and hubs room being remodeling for our girls.

~My weekends; which really should be re-named to kids weekends. If it’s not sports or activities that we are taking our kids to, it’s orchestrating sleepovers and hangouts.

Family sleepovers

~With a lot more I’m sure I can add along with any parents out there…

Becoming selfless is the biggest thing a parent becomes when they have kids… And surprisingly to most of us it comes naturally.. It is no longer me living for myself but it’s me living for my kids so they would have a better life than I ever did.

And it’s all worth it.

Now remember, all that you traded in for may not always be recognized or acknowledged by even your own children but hey you know what you do every minute, day, week, month, and always. Because your awesome. Always know that. ❤️

2 responses to “Worth the Trade-In”

  1. Isn’t it crazy how quickly they grow up! Oh my goodness. My youngest bonus daughter is going to be 12 this year, and she just passed me in height, by quite a bit!! Being a bonus mom is definitely an adventure, but it is SO WORTH IT!! Good job Mama! 🙂

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    1. Agreed! So worth it even with all the opportunities to grow along the way 😝😉


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