Staying above the Coronavirus craze

In just a week everyone’s world has changed with the quarantine, social distancing, and hoarding of supplies. With all thanks to the coronavirus outbreak.

Just last week I was practicing what I was preaching and that was to fully live my life. It was going great! In the process of remodeling our girls room I was not letting the hardships of blended family dealings get to me.

I was finally starting to feel what it meant to LIVE.

And that’s exactly what I wish to reiterate here. To fully live your life, despite what is going on! So while I’m sure there’s like a bajillion tips on how to get through this hard and stressful time I also want to share what has helped me and my family during this time.

1. My faith has been the biggest help of all during this time. Knowing that I’m saved and God promises to be my help and comfort during this time has been a huge sigh of relief. Even with all the scares going on I honestly can say I’ve never felt more at peace. Mind you I’m not saying I haven’t had anxiety at one time or another over this but I have learned what helps curb it. And one of my favorite verses that is helping me through this is 2 Timothy 1:7 “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”

One of my fav verses!

2. Continuing to live my life in-spite of being confined to our homes hasn’t changed much of my life. I’m still completing the remodeling of our girls room. Also with spring and warm weather around the corner the itch to start gardening has begun in me and I have already started planting seeds. In all honesty me being a homebody to begin with has def helped me to be okay with the whole social distancing (introvert here 😅). For those who are not, I highly suggest gardening, finding a remodeling project, reading a book that you’ve been meaning to read for the past 10 years, or even catching up on organizing your home is really great to keep your mind off of the frenzy that is going on in the world.

Hubs building our new bed in our new room.
Painting daughts bed nook area.

3. Know where your source of information is coming from. It seems like even with the coronavirus scare it has not stopped some of the crooked people to try and sell fake “vaccines” to the public or try to deter the public by spewing out conspiracy theories to rile them up and defy the orders given out. I suggest to listen to what your mayor is saying for your city, abide by it, and again live your life to the fullest with what you are given knowing that when this passes we can go back to going to the beaches, eating out in restaurants, and hanging out at parks. So don’t psyche yourself out with all the unnecessary information out there.

4. Realizing what is actually important and not important is so crucial moving forward as well. What I mean is that during this time I realized the stresses of blended family drama had been the cause of a lot of my fears but the real life hardships that are actually currently occurring are bringing out the WonderWoman in me. And strange enough due to the virus outbreak it actually made me realize how much I stressed out for things that really are not worth stressing over because none of them even matter right now.


5. I don’t recommend hoarding. Especially when we have enough to go around. I go food shopping once a week and I’m good until the next week. If your one of those who might not have enough for two – four weeks in the event of a quarantine then yes there are a few websites that can assist you with what needed essentials are needed for up to a month… but what’s not helpful is buying up all the toilet paper and flour so there is not enough for others when truthfully most would run out of food before they run out of the toilet paper. So let’s be mindful of others who have to work during this stressful time because they are considered the “essential staff” who may not have all the time in the world to head to the store to buy their every day food or even the elderly who may be staying inside for fear of getting contaminated. Remember, we are all in this together. Let’s help each other out.

Food shopping days when supplies/food was plentiful.

6. Spend that quality time with your household members whether be it your spouse or kids. I have great mama friends who homeschooled their kids even prior to the school closures and their advice was that kids really only need 2-3 hours of schoolwork a day. And honestly I agree, especially with kids at home their attention span is even shorter than it is in school. 😅 So spend that great quality time and build up those relationships! And for those who are still currently working find something to keep you positive while you may feel discouraged about not getting that extra time with your family as others do. I understand this wholeheartedly because I am required to work by my job. Don’t get me wrong I’m beyond grateful to have my job and work during a time when most don’t but I also feel sad that I don’t get that quality time with my family. It’s honestly bittersweet for me so I’ve been finding ways to remain positive in that as well.

Playing hopscotch and enjoying the weather.

7. And last of all; stay positive! Oh my golly this is so crucial at a time like this. With my family we have started an everyday journal where we write something that we are thankful for, even if it’s one thing. And when a negative thought comes we are to open the journal back up and remind ourselves what we are thankful for. Other things that can help is meditating, praying, working out even if it’s for a short time, finding the things that make us happy (I’m planting my pea garden; so excited for it!), and reminding ourselves that THIS TOO SHALL PASS!

My journal while the kiddos have their own.

After seeing many postings of self-help ideas or advice for this current time I know full well there’s so much more I can share but I’ll leave it up to you… to share your own to others. Do what helps YOUR family to stay positive.

Don’t lose hope my friends. This too shall pass but in the meantime let’s stay positive and hold each other up (by whatever means necessary without spreading the virus).

Smile; this too shall pass.

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  1. I love your dress!! Very inspiring post. 🙂

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    1. Thank you lady! 😊


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