Surviving the Quarantine Life

Day 1 of our Quarantine

I never expected to be part of the group of people that got quarantined and yet here I was.

It started off like any other day… I woke up around 5:15am, got ready for work, got my lunch ready, and set off for work. The road was pretty clear from all the school closures, store closures, and social distancing due to the coronavirus pandemic. This day I was to be working out of the PDX office and while I wanted to stay home with my daughter who had her school closed down along with my hubs who had been home with an ongoing dry cough however I was still grateful to have my job at a time like this.

Started working at my usual time of 6:30am.. eating my snacks along the way. My hubs texted me with a shocking statement at 8:44am saying he was going to get tested. Mind you he’s been out of work for almost a week and a half now due to an ongoing cough with his doctors telling him they cannot see him and cannot test him because there were not enough coronavirus tests to go around. The only advice they were able to give was “stay home”. So you can imagine my shock when the doctors office called him to tell him they are able to test him.

From my hubs mouth he was to drive to the doctors office, stay in his car while a nurse came out in a hazmat suit to swab him. The swab was through the nose down to his throat. Def painful…

And just like that he was tested, sent home to be quarantined along with his household members until he got the test results back.

After I got the text from my hubs that he was quarantined and we all needed to as well I quickly called my manager to ask what I should do. Honestly this doesn’t happen everyday so I truly did not know whether I should stay working or just leave right away or what… That’s when I was told to adhere to the doctor’s advice and leave work…

And just like that we were quarantined… no more leaving our house to buy groceries… no more leaving our house to go on walks in our neighborhood… and no more work for me… 😅

Day 2 of our Quarantine

I would technically consider the second day of the quarantine as my first day, all because I got to wake up at whatever time I wanted! No alarm clock waking me up at 5am, no schedules to keep.. that’s right, for the first time in a long time I did not have a schedule planned for the day..

It was 7:46am that I woke up.

But hey at least it was 2 more hours of sleep then how much I usually get.. and it felt nice!

I lounged in my bed longer than usual… doing my normal morning Bible study with prayer. And then started off the day with my fav lavender tea and bread slathered with butter. Yum!!!! (For those who are Ukrainian know what that’s all about 🤪)

And now what…. shockingly enough my planner mindset kicked in and I started planning my day… Oy vey… if only I knew how to relax 😅

Now it was time for organizing all my closets/drawers and whatever else that needed to be organized. And truth be told I loved it! Loved doing what I love… loved not feeling guilty about going back to work since I had to be quarantined…

Organizing all my drawers.

Day 3 of our Quarantine

Day 3 was literally like day 2. Except more hangout time with my daughts… watching our fav show Psych. 🍍

Me and my daughts fav show!

Day 4 of our Quarantine

And same for day 4. 😅

Day 5 of our Quarantine

Oh day 5 of our quarantine… Apparently it took us 5 days before me and hubs would have our first disagreement while quarantined. And can I say how petty it was? 🤪 Even though we clearly have made up since then, I realized how much shorter our nerves are, or how much more we are quick to speak than to listen.

To be completely transparent the disagreement was over something I have completely forgotten about. (Wrote this day of the quarantine the following day). So clearly that disagreement was not worth it, did not help, and was pointless.

What I do remember that helped boost our relationship to a better place was getting back into the Word of God. We both prayed, talked, snuggled, and hubs had his virtual men’s bible study in the morning. Totally helped!

Hubs men’s virtual group meeting.

Day 6 of our Quarantine

Today we finally ventured outside… outside to our backyard. The sun was shining and the rain clouds were hidden for the day. It was blissful.

You can find me tanning on top of our picnic table next to the swing my daughts was swinging from. Earlier in the morning I prepped my seeds for our veggie/fruit garden we would be planting in our backyard.

Hubs also felt a little better and came out to help till the soil and get our garden all ready.

Now back to tanning and getting my daily dose of vitamin D!

Raised garden bed is now all ready to be planted with our veggies and fruits!

Day 7 of our Quarantine

The days started running together. Was it Monday? Was it Thursday? Who knows at this point… after being quarantined literally to your home it felt like all the days meshed together and even though I felt like I was the biggest homebody in the world, I started feeling a bit stir crazy. I had organized almost every drawer I could think of. I did as much remodeling I could. I’ve watched many cooking and mystery shows my brain could handle. And I’ve started and completed any projects I could find.

Waking up at 9am this day was great… ate my fav breakfast meal… hung out with daughts while we were all learning the distance learning aspect of her schooling. (By the way I never thought I’d be a home-school mama but here I was).

Though by now we were quarantined in our home for a week. We followed the doctors and governors directive to a T; we stayed home, lived on the previous food we had in our fridge and drawers (we were running a little low at this time), we did not have anyone over nor did we meet with anyone, and we didn’t even venture a walk around our neighborhood. Just loyal citizens doing our part.

By this time I had already called my hubs doctor on a previous occasion asking if they had the results with receiving a polite answer of no.

So when I heard my hubs received a call my heart jumped knowing whatever answer the doctor provides us could change many aspects of our life.

And just like that we got the test results….


Boy oh boy, oh my golly I was so excited!! We were done with our mandated quarantine!! And even though the social distancing and the #stayhomesavelives order was still in place it literally felt like a weight was lifted off our shoulders.

And just like that we spent a week in quarantine with memories we’ll never forget.

Hope y’all are doing well during this COVID pandemic. Stay safe and if you have a story to share of your quarantine days I’d love to read it!

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